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Design / Development

Whatever it is ... it has to begin with a good idea

As a development supplier and external service partner on your behalf to solve complex tasks. We make all our expertise available to be able to offer more efficient and more economic problem solutions: from the development of the perfect production process to the design and construction of the required tools and manufacture of the first prototypes including series production.

Our engineers develop the right production technology for each part. The focus here is on precision – with the solution matched to your individual requirements. We can guarantee reliable processes with a high degree of repeat accuracy also over large volumes.


  • design involvement (processing of STEP files)

  • advice on the selection of materials

  • advice on the selection of the surface plating

  • advice on the selection of packaging

  • further development, optimisation projects, new next generation developments

  • injection moulding simulation

  • encrypted data transfer on request

  • secure transfer via Odette

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