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Injection moulding

Plastic and metal – a good connection

The connection of stamped parts to plastic is a challenge and at the same time is our speciality. We are the technological leader in the field of progressive injection moulding, an in-house developed, fully-automated reel to reel process which offers quality and cost advantages for annual volumes above 100,000 parts. Electronic components can also be overmoulded to produce so-called hybrid parts with integrated electronic components.

Our range of machinery includes injection moulding machines with a clamping force up to 320 tonnes and shot weights in the range of 1 to 300 g. All engineering thermoplastics can be processed including PA, PBT, PC, POM, PPE, PPS or LCP. The assembly of finished parts is made via manual insertion on rotary table machines, placement machines or multi-axis robot systems. The overmoulding of parts is made using the progressive injection moulding process, developed in-house at Kummer, via manual insertion on rotary tables or through fully automated insertion using multi axis robot systems.